The climbing as a way of life.
Climbing as the tool to enjoy partners, ascents, nature and some other situations related to mountains and travel, that each expedition brings.

The experiences when going alone or accompanied.
The remote areas, the adventure of exploration and the isolation as a way to face it.
Days and days spent on the wall, hanging on the portaledge and what this implies.

Believing in the potential and wanting to move the “impossibles”. And the importance of having dreamed it previously.

She wanted to climb walls, big walls.
First close to home, later she wanted to climb the farther away and with more difficult access.
Then, she wanted to go alone, to experience loneliness. The good one; the one you choose.

This site does not talk about the projects (despite they exist) but a look at the past, because as such it’s part of the present.
The experiences that we have made are what we carry forever more.
And those to come, they must still come…